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Cherishing the Ordinary

Because your little one won’t stay little forever, Tiny Toes helps you turn little everyday moments into cherished ones. Your precious time should be spent on the ones that matter, worrying about the products that your little ones use shouldn’t be one of them.

Our Story

The Tiny Toes company was born of a simple question: do we honestly know what goes into the very products that we apply on our children every day?

When we became parents, we found ourselves in the confusing world of baby care, not knowing which products we could trust for our precious little ones. We live in a complex world—there are far more chemicals, natural or synthetic, that we can ever hope to fully understand. Navigating this complex world of chemistry is very daunting for new parents, and more often than not, when complex chemistry meets complex business economics, this results in products that do not earnestly watch out for our children’s best interests.

So what’s a parent to do? We started our own company—to make the very products we need ourselves. Protecting those we cherish is what’s core to us and what drives our actions, so we set out on the journey of teaching ourselves how to make these products as simple and risk free as possible, starting on a blank slate and formulating with our laboratory partners from the bottom up.

We are not a pharmaceutical company, we are a coalition of parents who want products we feel are safe enough for our own children, we don’t use anything that could hurt our little ones nor yours.

The Tiny Toes Standard

Our guiding principles that turn our intention into reality. Our values for doing business and the way we bring new products forth:

  • Keep it Simple

    When it comes to ingredients selection we work back and forth with our brainy white coat folks until we’re satisfied that we’ve achieved the simplest formulation possible, using the safest ingredients available, to achieve the expected product efficacy.

  • Do no Harm

    We are uncompromising in avoiding chemicals of concern, because like any parent we only want the best for our tiny ones. Just as we take great care in the ingredient selection, formulation and validation process, we look to manufacturing partners who share our commitment to quality. While no system is ever perfect, we do our honest best to be vigilant and diligent on this journey of safeguarding our precious little ones. And with you, we’ll continue learning and evolving to do just that.

  • Make it Affordable

    In our journey to make the best products possible for our little ones, we will not take the easy way out and champion fully organic products at fully organic prices. We believe that a happy, healthy life should be a right, not a privilege - it would be meaningless if only a select few can afford it. We do not believe that going fully organic is the only way to make a product good, and consequently we endeavour to be organic only where it counts and that our products are priced sensibly so that more parents can have access to the baby care products that work for them.

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